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Breakthrough 2021 Equipped For Success

As entrepreneurs, moms, wives, sisters, daughters and friends; it’s easy to lose yourself in the madness of life, business and responsibilities.

But now is the time to focus on living intentionally, focusing on what’s most important, choosing YOU above all else, and fulfilling every aspect of your abundant life with ease.
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What's included?

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field. Some of the benefits of our trainings are:
  • Taming the Joy Stealing Dragons in Life and Business
  • Undeniable You: 7 Steps To Soar
  • Walking in Confidence
  • Getting Started with a Profitable Email Marketing Strategy
  • 20 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success
  • Understanding Narcissistic Attraction & Abuse; Healing from Toxic Love To Be the BEST You in Life & Love 
Our speakers

Meet our Speakers

Myrtha Dubois

Personal Growth & Development Strategist
Myrtha Dubois Coaching Consulting

Presentation title:
Undeniable You: 7 Steps To Soar
  • Reaffirm Your Posture
  • Rebuild Your Confidence.
  • Redeem Your Worth.

Linda Shively

Chief Joy Officer
Linda Shively

Presentation Title:
How to Tame the Joy-Stealing Dragons in Life and Business
  • Discover the magic ingredient to blast through overwhelm and stress
  • Learn the hidden secrets to finally getting out of your own way
  • Instantly take charge of your time and finally get into meaningful action

Amy J. Bryant

CEO / Chief Copywriter

Company: The Write Place, LLC

Presentation Title: 
Communicating with Poise, Power, and Professionalism

Beth Silver

Small Business Marketing & PR
Company: Doubet Consulting

Presentation Title:

Paulette Harper

Pastor, Coach, Author
Paulette Harper

Presentation Title:
  • MindShift
  • Fixed & Growth Mindset
  • Keys To Rising Above Adversity & Soaring Into Success

Munira Zunabi

Niche Navigator
Helping business-preneurs discover their niche

Presentation Title:
Network to Niches
Setting Goals to Success
Strategies Are Sexy

Ciltona Cawthorne

Motivational Speaker and Empowerment Coach
Company: Your Encouragement Sister

Presentation Title: 
3 Benefits of An Excellence Mindset
  • Develop an excellence mindset for increased success and improved mental, physical and spiritual well-being.
  • Understand that you deserve to be successful.
  • Access your power, gifts, and potential. You are more powerful than you know.

Candace Stuart-Findlay

Founder / Transformation Facilitator
Empowered Whole Being Foundation

Presentation Title:
Tap Your Quantum Power: Transform Obstacles Into Opportunity!

  • Understand the Quantum actuality of you and how that truly empowers you.
  • Learn how to identify the difference between self-sabotaging and self-empowering behavior.
  • Receive tools and techniques to Recognize, Identify and Shift behavior to create more Opportunity.

Joyce Jennings

Author, speaker, communication expert

Company: Ms. Chardae
Presentation Title: Boundaries respected represents effective communications 

Darin Adams

Communication & marketing expert
Speed to Lead with KEAP

Dr. Chinwe Okudo

CEO, Nurse Practitioner, speaker, coach, author
Inspired To Become & Excel
Presentation Topic: Lady You Are Enough
  • We are made just enough as divine creatures here on a heroic mission
  • If we must be successful as women, we must rise up from our past hurts, rebuild our self confidence & begin to use our pain to our advantage!
  • Positive self-Esteem is our key to greatness!

Laura Shortridge

Unipreneur, speaker, author
Presentation Title:
Pursue Your Passion Even in a House Full of Dream-Killers
• Prepare – Inward Germination - ways to protect your dream internally as it grows and strengthens
• Present – Outward Expression - develop a strategy to present your dream with the least risk of ridicule or rejection
• Pursue – Onward Expansion - build a network of supporters, develop personal character, and advance your success

Cathy McKinnon

transformation strategist, author, speaker
Wellness Warrior Coaching
Presentation Topic: Eternal Influence
  • Refining the major facets of your vision
  • Achieve compelling growth beyond measure by honoring your purpose
  • Creating gleaming breakthroughs to honor your excellence

Babita Spinelli

Licensed Psychotherapist & Certified Coach
Opening the Doors Psychotherapy and Babita Spinelli Group
Presentation Title:
How to Set Healthy Boundaries in Relationships
  • What are healthy boundaries
  • What are unhealthy boundaries toxic relationships etc.)
  • Rigid and fluid boundaries in marriage/romantic relationships
  • Handling the daily demands of life by setting boundaries

Andreia Dooley

Entrepreneur, speaker
Presentation Title:
Set Your Mind
  • Know your destination
  • Move the needle
  • Be ready to reset

Sheri Simmons

Author, speaker, coach
Presentation Title:
How To Rock Your Self Confidence
  • Increasing Self-Confidence
  • How To Gain More Self-Esteem
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