Change Your Expectations and change your outcomes

Expectation Management

Success is achievable when you manage your expectations of yourself and that of others. When you live with unrealistic expectations for your life, business and relationships, you are guaranteed to fail.
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Change Your Expectations

4 Chapters
  • Learn the Art of Changing Your Outcomes through Expectation Management
  • Learn the power of Acceptance & Boundaries
  • Find Your Inner Confidence, Courage & Conviction
  • Train Your Brain for Success
  • Walk the walk, talk the talk, Expect The BEST
  • Expect and live in Abundance
Meet the instructor

Anika Wilson

Anika Wilson, is a respected thought leader, speaker, podcast host and conference curator. She is a business consultant for women committed to leading through business. Combining her clinical experience with psychological theories, tests and measurements, she creates personalized systematic solutions for entrepreneurs and executives through strategic action plans. Her integrative approach to life, business and leadership comprises her lived experiences, education and passion for excellence. With the new developments in equity, inclusion, diversity and belonging, she believes that every woman has the potential to work, live and lead their lives, businesses and families with excellence. Some of her notable works include the ImfluaXion Conference Series. She also is the host of the podcast titled, Your Voice Your Power by Anika. After working in social services and government for two decades, she founded Nobody Greater, LLC. At Nobody Greater, she educates, empowers and equips women with tangible resources to restore their faith in purpose, passion and people through optimal business solutions. She redesigns business structures to improve performance, team development and global leadership initiatives transforming old business into innovative sustainable businesses for women internationally. Previously, Anika served as a corrections officer, administrator and mental health specialist in Florida governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. Anika also worked in long term care, substance abuse and forensic institutions as a recovery specialist, vocational counselor and long term care manager. Since leaving the corporate structure to build her own enterprises as an external consultant, Anika has translated her skills into the research, and academia of I/O Psychology. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Capella University. Anika received her masters in Psychology from Capella University and her bachelors of Criminal Justice from Florida A&M University.  Anika prides herself in creativity, freedom and healing. She loves to serve her community, and spend time with her family. She is the proud military spouse of an active duty service-member and a mother of 3 beautiful children.    
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