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Emotional Intelligence

Awareness of Self and Others

5 Keys to Successful Leadership through Emotional Literacy is a learning experience related to Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. Learn how to combine your knowledge, skills, and abilities with Emotional Intelligence to be a Successful Leader through personal and professional development. This presentation includes fundamental characteristics to help you improve your confidence, relationships and/or business. 
The capability to recognize emotions

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  • 5 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 50 Questions
  • 5 Videos
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Increase Your EQ

Emotional Intelligence is a phenomena of intelligence to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions more effectively. Increased EQ allows individuals to improve communication, relationships, problem solving, conflict resoultion and a healthy minset.

Critical Thinking

Whether you are an empath or not, your level of awareness dictates your ability to effectively communicate with different personalities. 
Meet the instructor

Anika Wilson

Anika Wilson has always been a trailblazer. A woman before her time. She started working in advocacy at the age of 14, followed by a career in law enforcement and social services. While pursuing her master's degree in Psychology, she was struck with a life-threatening illness that changed the trajectory of her life. Upon her recovery, she started two businesses, married her love from twenty years prior and decided to live instead of existing. She prides herself as a military wife, recovering single mother and strategist. She is the Co-Owner of NBG Solutions (Real Estate Investment Company), CEO of Nobody Greater LLC, founder of A Woman's World: Online Community for Women, Curator of Women of Impact Conference Series, hosts her Podcast Your Voice; Your Power with Anika and shares Inspiration, Information and Resources wherever she can. Her passion is Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & Mental Wellness. Her education, tests, and testimonies are unique and PowerFilled. She currently resides in Hawaii.
Understanding the complexities of life, love, pain, hardship, and lack of resources, Anika wants to ensure that no one suffers in silence, no one is left behind and no one is lost in the shuffle of life.......
Anika Wilson - Course author
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