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Claim It All 

Claim It ALL
Learn how to have it all: health, relationships, money, career and love.
The skills, balance and mindset you need to have it all. Claim It, ALL.

12 Week Journey to:


We feature a series of special workshops led by our instructors and guest professionals to provide the skills to obtain and maintain optimal physical and mental health.


Learn how to manage your responsibilities, your budget and your desires as we claim it all building a life of abundance.


Enhance your skills as we tackle the core life skills that control your destiny. As we change your expectations, we change your outcomes.

Claim What You Deserve

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Is it your time to shine?

You are capable of living the Abundant Life
You have to believe it
You have to Own it
You have to Want it
You have to Commit to it

Now, you have to Claim IT!
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Claim it.

Claim It 1.0

Billed monthly
Includes basic features plus:
  • Self-paced curriculum
  • Interactive worksheets 
  • Group Discussion board
  • Opportunity for advanced learning

Claim It, Some 2.5

3 Coaching Sessions
Billed monthly - Save $60
Includes basic features plus:
  • Group coaching
  • weekly check-ins
  • Live webinars
  • Monthly Focus groups

Claim It All 5.0

All Access Pass
Billed monthly- Save $60
Includes basic features plus:
  • individual coaching
  • live trainings 
  • group coaching
  • custom workbook
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